Ryan Garcia is set to take on Javier Fortuna this weekend as the young American looks to continue to climb through the ranks.

The 23-year-old has won all of his fights so far and will look to keep up that unbeaten record against the more experienced Fortuna.

Garcia was stripped of his WBC lightweight title in May last year after pulling out of his scheduled fight with Fortuna due to mental health reasons.

But ‘The Flash’ is ready to go again having outclassed Emmanuel Tagoe in Texas in April as he looks to regain his world crown.

He’ll be in for a test against Dominican boxer Fortuna who is a two-time world champion and has won 37 fights.

Date and start time

The 12-round lightweight fight will be held on Saturday, July 16 at the Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles in front of 20,000 expectant fans.

The ringwalks are expected to start at 4am on Sunday morning for UK fans.

What has been said?

Ryan Garcia: “I am going to get him out of there. The dude cannot last with me. “You’re not going to see that ring rust on because I had ring rust in that fight with [Emmanuel] Tagoe. You’re going to see my reflexes and timing is that much better. “You’re going to see my control in the ring, you’re going to see my defense, and you’re going to see things that you haven’t seen in a while. Everything came back, and now I’m even stronger as a man and I’m more wiser as a fighter.”

Javier Fortuna: “I am preparing well. I am looking forward to a good fight. I am not joining you at the press conference today because I am training. I am 100% committed to winning this fight. I am going to be 100% ready.” “Ryan is a small fighter. He doesn’t have the capacity and doesn’t have the talent to beat me. I hope he is ready.”

“Ryan’s speed doesn’t phase me. I know how to take that away from him. I have the experience to do it. You’ll see it during fight night. You’ll see my power. I am looking forward to beating him at his house.”

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