Boxercise combines high intensity boxing, cardio and circuit training techniques, based on the training concepts of professional boxers. You will get grips with padwork, boxing circuits, and cardio and resistance exercises for a high energy workout that will tone, improve agility and blitz those calories.

Boxercise are often long—at least an hour—to fit in a warm-up, conditioning, and drills. And when preparing for a match, sessions are five or six days a week. Rest is very important, but you need to be able to perform under pressure. The training gets your mind prepared for it, too. 

For the past 4 week we have seen the 4 different Boxercise that gets you in lean fighting shape in our previous blogs. Now we are going to discuss the 5th Exercise in this week.




 3 minutes fast jump rope

Rest 30 seconds

Repeat 4 times

Shadow boxing:

3 minute round :

Work basic jab, cross, and hook punches

30 push-ups as “rest”

Repeat 4 times

Heavy bag workout:

3-minute rounds, as follows


Round 1: jabs only

Rest 30 seconds


Round 2: double jab-cross

Rest 30 seconds


Round 3: jab-cross-hook

Rest 30 seconds


Round 4: any four punches

Rest 30 seconds


Round 5: any punch combination, with 180-degree semi-circles around bag between combos

Rest 30 seconds


Round 6: non-stop punching at 60% of full power. Focus on rotation of the body and using the legs.

Rest 30 seconds


20 hard hooks, lead hand

20 hard crosses

40 quality jabs


 200 sit-ups

20 pull-ups

40 lunges


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