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The importance of staying active

When you’re stuck at home, traveling with work, on vacation, or quarantining, it isn’t always easy to stick to an exercise routine or maintain your fitness goals. You may only have limited access to fitness facilities or find it difficult to adjust to a new routine. Perhaps you miss the camaraderie of your gym, the familiarity of swimming laps in your local pool, or the social connection from walking or hiking with your usual group of workout buddies. If you’re used to attending a fitness class with a motivating instructor, you might also be disappointed in the intensity of workouts on your own.

Maintaining an exercise routine at home or in a hotel room can seem more like a ‘should’ than a ‘want to’. And with so many of us out of work and struggling financially at the moment, maintaining a gym membership and staying active can seem like much less of a priority. However, even a small amount of activity can make a huge difference to how well you think and feel. Exercise is one of the most powerful tools we have for staying physically and mentally healthy—and you don’t need access to a gym or expensive health club to reap the rewards.

Exercise can help ease depression, stress, and anxiety, and aid in the management of chronic conditions, such as high blood pressure and diabetes. By finding new ways to get moving and stay motivated, you can take charge of your mood and well-being, retain a sense of control during these days of great uncertainty, and stay on track with your exercise goals even when your normal routine is disrupted.

Making an exercise plan to keep you motivated

Planning is key to developing and maintaining an exercise routine. When making an exercise plan, consider any ongoing health concerns, the time you have available, and your energy and stress levels. Many people report feeling fatigued lately from all the pandemic-related stress, so if you’re still juggling teaching your kids and working at home, or are unemployed and worried about finances, this may not be the time to undertake a challenging new fitness plan.

Whatever your circumstances, set reasonable goals focusing on activities you enjoy. You’re more likely to stick to an exercise plan if you start small, celebrate your successes, and build up gradually.

Prioritize your workouts

People who put their fitness activities on the same calendar as their regular appointments tend to stick to their plan. You wouldn’t cancel your appointment with your dentist because you were busy with work or just didn’t feel like it at that moment. Rather, you’d fulfill your obligation and then return to work afterward.

Workout at the time that’s right for you

Many people who maintain a long-term exercise program work out in the mornings. Completing your fitness routine in the morning can energize you and set a positive tone for the rest of the day. Others find it helpful to take a break from work and get moving in the afternoon when their energy is flagging. A burst of activity can stimulate the brain and help you push through the rest of the tasks on your to-do list.

Be specific in your goals

TRACK YOUR WORKOUT! Rather than aim to “get in better shape,” set a concrete goal such as “walk 30 minutes in the morning on Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Saturday.” Try one of the many fitness trackers or smartphone apps available to keep a record of your progress—or simply use a calendar to note the length of your workout, distance, and effort level. Tracking your progress can help keep you accountable, provide a sense of accomplishment, and encourage you to keep going.

Say it out loud Tell a friend what your goals and routines are or post them on social media. You’re less likely to skip a session if you know your friends will be asking about how you got on. And if they give you positive feedback, it will give you a boost for your next session. Working out with a buddy can also help keep you on track, even when you can’t be physically together. Set up regular times to exercise with each other via a phone or video call—and offer each other support and encouragement.

Some Home Based Workouts to Keep You in Shape

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) is a type of workout that uses bodyweight exercises to burn fat. It keeps your metabolism high, even though you’re usually only working out a fraction of the time. 

Create your lockdown HIIT workouts using these easy zero-equipment moves: 

  • Lunges - Either do them in place by stepping back into position, or do walk lunges down the hallway. You’ll feel the burn! 
  • Jumping Jacks - These are very high impact and get the blood flowing.
  • Inchworm - This one is great for all muscles, but targets your glutes and core the most! Begin standing, keeping feet hip-width apart. Then bend down, place your hand on the floor and walk on your hands, keeping your feet in place, until you are in a high plank. Stay there for a second (or three, or five) and then walk back into a standing position.
  • Plank tapping - Step up your regular plank game by doing a high plank and tapping your right hand to your left shoulder, and your left hand to your right shoulder. It engages your core better and is much more interesting than holding one pose.
  • Push-ups- Classic push-ups! They are a great all-rounder and will get your arms burning. If a standard push-up isn’t enough of a challenge, go for decline push-ups. Place your feet onto a step so you can amp up your game.


For a great HIIT workout, do 30 seconds of an exercise and alternate with 30 seconds rest. Go through the list and try and keep going for 20 minutes. That’s all you need!

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Some Important Fitness Equipment Required for Home Workouts

Fitness Mad Safety Resistance Trainer Level 4

Fitness Mad Safety Resistance Trainer. It offers a safe alternative to latex resistance tubes without compromising performance. Stretches to 4 time’s original length. It also includes a door attachment that enables you to turn the Resistance Trainer into a virtual gym.

Supplied with 12-page A5 resistance training and usage guide covering 19 key resistance exercises.

Length: Industry standard length tube of 120cm. Total length including handles 155cm

Fitness Mad Safety Resistance Trainer Level 4

Fitness Mad Pro Suspension Trainer

Pro Bodyweight Portable Exercise Quality Workout Suspension Trainer for fitness mad people.

A portable lightweight training system that allows you to workout anytime anywhere be it from a door frame, wall anchor, or a tree!

Use your own body weight as resistance and strengthen the whole body, whilst building muscle and burning unwanted fat. High strength polyester webbing with industrial bartack stitching.

Unique steel T-fastener buckles allow for quick strap adjustment to suit users of all sizes and abilitiesQuality ABS hand grips with integrated foot cradles allow ground-based exercises.

Maximum user weight: 125kgs. Includes mesh carry bag

Fitness Mad Pro Suspension Trainer

Fitness Mad Squat Band

Squat bands are a great way to build the glute and leg muscles. Activate your muscles as part of a dynamic warm-up, or use for a serious lower body workout by itself or as part of your weight training routine. Extra wide with non-slip lining to help reduce the band bunching/moving as you exercise. Available in 3 different sizes so you can find your perfect fit.


Extra wide with non-slip lining

Help to activate muscles as part of a dynamic warm-up

This item - large 86cm

3 different size options available: 66 cm / 76 cm / 86 cm

Warning - contains latex do not use if allergic


Fitness Mad Squat Band

Fitness Mad Core Fitness and Weight Training Gloves

Build strength and push yourself to the limit wearing the Fitness Mad core fitness and weight training gloves with a half finger design and a 45mm (1.7") wide wrap that helps to stabilize the wrists. These durable and resilient gloves have a leather palm with a soft padding for maximum comfort and ensure great ventilation thanks to a two-layer stretch-spandex back. They are easy to put on and off due to pull off tabs and have been designed for weight lifting sessions or general fitness training.

Fitness Mad Core Fitness and Weight Training Gloves

Fitness Mad Knee Wraps

These Fitness-Mad weight lifting knee support wraps are perfect for competitive power lifters and bodybuilders to support the knees.  Designed to be wrapped around the knees to help reduce stress and pulling forces on the quadriceps tendons, thus reducing the risk of tearing your tendons or quad muscles.

Elasticated with Velcro tabs so they remain secure whilst training with a useful foot loop to slide on over trainers for easier wrapping.

Fitness Mad Knee Wraps
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