A punching bag is an excellent choice for a tough, versatile workout that scorches calories and can help build endurance. Punching bag is perhaps one of the most well-known pieces of boxing equipment.

With proper training and technique, boxing is a full-body workout that combines intense cardio and strength training. It requires the hitting of heavy bags. As a general rule, you should always use both wraps and gloves when hitting the bag to protect your hands and wrists during impact. It is advisable that you must familiarize yourself with basic body positioning and moves before punches and kicks to avoid striking the bag with your full force. The level of your fitness, skillset and your level of motivation will determine the duration of your workouts. Let us examine the various types of punching bags you can use:

HEAVY BAGS: Heavy bags or jumbo bags as they are sometimes referred to are perfect for hard and heavy training. Using a heavy bag can immediately reduce your stress level in a way that no other workout can. This is because of the increased weight on the bags that improves your strength and muscle tone. These bags have been used for decades and are the stars of the boxing training world. The heavy bag is used for developing strength and power behind your punches.

ANGLED HEAVY BAG: The angled heavy bag is designed in a way that allows you to throw body hooks and uppercuts at it during training. It is specially shaped to allow users to get underneath the bag enabling you to train these specific types of punches that are more difficult on a heavy bag.

FREE STANDING PUNCHING BAGS: The freestanding punching bags are ideal for home training in case you have limited space. They stand upright while training and are as effective as a hanging heavy bag. The base of this punching bag needs to be heavy enough to prevent it from moving around during training.

UPPERCUT BAG: A specific uppercut bag is a specialized punching bag that is designed solely for uppercuts. It is only for uppercuts and therefore it is impossible to kick it. Well, not impossible, but not what it should be used for. It is specifically for close contact uppercut work. An example is when you are neck to neck or face to face with your opponent and you want to unleash a heavy uppercut hit.

SPEED BAGS: This is a common punching bag that is normally used by boxers during their training. This training bag is essential because it helps boxers improve their timing and speed skills. To keep the speed bag moving, you need to timely hit it or else you will lose the rhythm. These bags are used specifically for improving speed and rhythm in punching along with hand-eye coordination.

Punch bags are a great way to practice mixing up your combinations. Punching bags come in an array of different shapes and styles, but their main purpose is to develop your punching.

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