In this era, it is crucial to use gym equipment for fitness. This is because "Health is Wealth." There are a lot of companies that are working for this purpose as a business. RingMaster is one of the most famous boxing and gym equipment companies in the UK. This company provides a full range of sports and boxing goods. Delivery is free in the UK. RingMaster offers all kinds of gym equipment. The Dipping Belt is the human body training tool that is used to strong and muscular triceps.

Each belt is made up of nylon outer combined with tough webbing makes it practically indestructible. Some features make this belt most comfortable. Firstly the most important feature is the "tapered", sides of the belt. This ergonomic shape avoids the hip bones to exclude uncomfortable pinch points, especially when going heavy. The dipping belts work wonders when it comes to sculpting a world-class physique. The built-in padding is the feature that increases the ability and performance of the belt. The wide back offers extensive coverage of the area that controls the body during heavy. The use of this belt is a great way to increase resistance during bodyweight exercises for accelerated weight and strength gains. The use of the dipping belt will make the chest muscles to work harder at moving the body.

While a good belt isn't necessarily a solid fit for every exercise, it can definitely help add value to a number of key strength training moves you're probably already doing, especially if you feel like you've hit the wall lately as far as your forward progress.

There are many different exercises that can be performed with a dipping belt. Performing pull-ups with additional weight is a great way to add width and thickness to the lats. Weighted tricep dips will develop mass and power in all three heads of the tricep, giving you the sought after "horseshoe" look. Belt squats with a dip belt are a great way to make legs, and since there is no weight pressing down on the spine, people with back issues find these to be a great alternative to traditional barbell squats.


  • We use premium nylon material for the manufacturing of our equipment.
  • Quality stitching for durability.
  • The belt's countered shape comforts the bone of the hip and body.
  • It is used to increase the resistance for pull-ups and dips.
  • We use the steel chain with the belt as per the picture.
  • This unique belt with chain is built to be as tough as steel and will support your back whilst eliminating load swing to keep your workout safe.

Ways to use Bipping Belt

Changing your grip is an easy way to enhance your pull-ups when using a dip belt. An overhand grip will train the upper back and lats. An underhand grip will change the focus to the biceps and middle back.

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